Alexandra_Fox.JPGAlexandra Fox, Director

Alexandra Fox is the Sustainability Manager at Straus Family Creamery located in Petaluma, CA. She has an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California and a B.A. in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Agriculture from UC Santa Cruz. She has consulted and worked for a variety of food related businesses from start-ups to non-profits, working with them on business strategy, operations, and sustainability.

A self-proclaimed food guru, Alexandra is passionate about creating locally resilient food systems that give farmers a larger share of the food dollar and support sustainable farming methods that work with the natural environment. She views business as a tool for positive change and believes we can transform business to transform the world. In her spare time she enjoys being out in nature, hiking, practicing yoga, traveling, visiting farms and farmer’s markets, and eating and cooking great local, organic food!

eric-matisek.pngErik Matisek, Director

Erik received his degree in Environmental Economics from UC Santa Cruz but has spent most of his life growing up in Sonoma County. He is a recent graduate of the Leadership Institute Class of 2014. Erik is passionate about Sonoma County, outdoor adventure and our local economy.




Annie_Power_pic.JPGAnnie Power, Director

As a 2015 graduate of the Leadership Institute and a recipient of an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise in August 2015, Annie is well-versed in current sustainability issues and strategies. She has an insatiable thirst for learning that exhibits itself as curiosity when situations call for inquiry and problem solving. She brings with her significant experience in training, leadership development and experiential learning gained in a variety of capacities. Advocating for social justice has driven both her career and activism for more than 25 years and she is excited to bring her passion and enthusiasm to the Leadership Institute.  





Peter Rumble, Director

CEO, California Clean Power

Peter Rumble is the Chief Executive of California Clean Power, the only full service alternative energy provider in the State. California Clean Power empowers local communities with the opportunity to provide residents and businesses with lower rates, stimulate local investment and economic development, and to take greater control over the use of renewable energy. Prior to founding California Clean Power, Mr. Rumble served as the Deputy County Administrator overseeing Community and Government Affairs for Sonoma County, where he managed existing and emerging strategic initiatives, community engagement efforts, intergovernmental affairs and legislative advocacy, and overseeing media relations. Mr. Rumble also served as the Director of the Health Policy for Sonoma County, where he led efforts aimed at eliminating disparities and improving community health in Sonoma County to help make the County the healthiest in California by 2020. This work included the County’s Community Transformation efforts, the Portrait of Sonoma, Health Action, Cradle to Career, Safe Routes to School, and developing the Health Department’s Strategic Plan.

His career prior to joining Sonoma County includes consulting for the public sector, and conducting fiscal, policy and program analysis for governments, such as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Illinois Governor's Office, and for the United States Congress. Peter has a Bachelor’s degree in US History from Pacific Lutheran University, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from San Francisco State University, graduating with honors. Peter serves on the advisory boards for the California Institute for Local Government and the Social Science Research Council’s Portrait of California. Peter is a Fellow and Board Vice-Chair with the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy, and a graduate of the Local Leaders Academy of Sonoma County and of the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute.


Paul_Schiefer_Headshot_(3).jpgPaul Schiefer, Director

Paul is the Director of International and Restaurant Operations for Amy's Kitchen. He is responsible for managing Amy's Kitchen global operations, including new business ventures in the UK, France, Germany, and India. Paul also oversees the Amy's Drive Thru – the first organic drive thru restaurant in the country.  Paul is passionate about using business to meet both economic and values-based goals – with a strong focus on promoting sustainable agriculture as the best path forward for our global food system. 

Paul is a Fellow of the Leadership Institute and has used the knowledge from this program to drive changes both within Amy's and in the food industry. He is a member of the USDA Advisory Committee on Foreign Trade, reporting to Secretary Tom Vilsak, as well as, a regular contributor to the Organic Trade Association's lobbying efforts and policies. Paul is also a member of the Amy's Sustainability Leadership Committee and Government Affairs Team. 

In his spare time, Paul loves to cook food using garden-grown ingredients, hike in the local mountains, and spend time with his friends and family. 


Socorro_Shiels.pngSocorro Shiels, Director

Socorro Shiels recently served as the Superintendent of the Santa Rosa City School District. She led the district serving over 16,000 students across 22 comprehensive schools. Work at SRCS included an empowering district culture shift to restorative justice for the entire school community, as well as, creating a strategic plan that included all community stakeholders with a commitment to college and career readiness for each student. Additionally, she led the district as a strong partner in the collective impact movement and mindset across Sonoma County to ensure community health, economic stability and educational attainment at all organizational levels.

She currently serves on the Instructional Quality Commission for the California Department of Education. She serves Sonoma County as a First Five Commissioner and a member of Health Action.


taylor.pngTerry Taylor, Chair

Global Genesis

Terry D. Taylor is an independent consultant who has worked successfully with organizations from small non-profits to international Fortune 500 entities and governments in all areas of the globe. Terry received a MA in Educational Psychology from Stanford University and has worked with several organizations before forming his own consulting business in 1980. He specializes in strategic planning, training, and consulting in the arenas of negotiations, conflict resolution, high performance teamwork, and strategic change facilitation.