Kristina Jacobsson

Kristina Jacobsson HeadshotKristina is the Program Manager of the Sustainability Ambassadors of Sonoma County program where she is responsible for teaching and facilitating the five-hour certification course that trains front-line workers in the hospitality and tourism industries. She first joined the Institute team as a volunteer in August 2015 because of her passion and commitment to sustainable, holistic approaches, for both large-scale, global problems and for building resilient, local communities and economies.

Before moving back to Sonoma County, Kristina lived in Gothenburg, Sweden for 7 years where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Global Studies emphasizing Human Ecology and International Relations at the University of Gothenburg. While at university, Kristina participated in field studies researching the impacts of modernization and social migration on a rural village in northern Vietnam. She also conducted research on tourism and island economics in Southwest Thailand. As part of her thesis, she executed an independent case-study of the Bangkok Mass Transit System, analyzing sustainable transport development in Bangkok, Thailand.

Prior to working with the Leadership Institute, Kristina was Manager and Head Chef of a plant-based, raw food restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden. She currently works in catering, as a Personal Chef, and as a “regular” Chef at the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa where she specializes in raw, whole, plant-based, gluten-, salt-, oil-, and sugar-free foods.

Kristina is very excited to exchange ideas, knowledge and resources at the Leadership Institute while getting re-acquainted with all that Sonoma County and its residents have to offer.