Peter Dunlap

Peter T. Dunlap is a psychologist working in private and political practice. He was raised by a psychologically-minded mother and a politically active father. On his father’s side, Peter is a fifth generation northern Californian. His great-great-grandfather Nathan peterdunlap.jpgCoombs founded the town of Napa in 1848 and was the first of four generations of Coombs/Dunlaps to represent the Napa Valley in the California legislature ending with his father John Dunlap. While previous generations were conservatives, Peter's dad was a liberal Democrat, passing legislation protecting the environment, endangered species, allowing farm workers the right to unionize, and implementing land-use regulations, including the founding of the Coastal Commission.

In his political practice Peter is engaged in research identifying the strengths and limitations of the political-Left for the purpose of strengthening social change organizations and their leadership. Peter has published the results of his research in a book: Awakening our faith in the future: The advent of psychological liberalism. Peter also is the author of several journal articles and book chapters discussing the need to develop a “public emotional intelligence.” Currently, Peter is leading a group for community activists and leaders that cultivates each participants leadership capacities. The title of the group is, Hope and Leadership and is open to new members.