Resilience Rising: Leaders Academy for Sustainable Community

Resilience Rising: Leaders Academy for Sustainable Community is an intensive, four-week summer program, in partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College, for high school and community college students. Students receive applied leadership and career training in areas such as public speaking, advocacy, and project management while addressing key environmental justice, social equity, and economic issues in Sonoma County and abroad. Students are engaged in the decision-making process by addressing local community concerns, such as climate change and land use conflicts, identifying disadvantaged communities, and advancing community improvements such as pedestrian and bike friendly neighborhoods, local farm to table systems and alternative energy use and behaviors.

Field trips, tours, panels, presentations, workshops will be taught by graduates of the Institute's Leadership for Sustainable Future program (over 450) who are experts and leaders in their fields, and through instruction by the faculty and staff of the Santa Rosa Junior College. This professional network imparts knowledge and skills while establishing important contacts for future academic, volunteer, activism, and career opportunities. Students interested in deepening their career experience and network have the option of applying for a Summer internship which continues for four weeks after the end of the Resilience Rising program.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Leadership Institute at (707) 578-9133, or email Kristina Jacobsson, Program Manager, at