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Seeds of Resilience

$1,875.00 raised
Goal: $7,500.00

Seeds of Resilience had its first seminar on February 16th and it was such a great success that we are hoping to expand to four more schools and offer more seminars. We are looking to you to help us achieve this goal. 

Seeds of Resilience is a free service to teachers connecting the academics of the California Common Core State Standards with real-world examples and sustainability issues in Sonoma County and abroad. Accessing over 450 experts from the Institute’s Fellows Network, Seeds of Resilience connects classrooms with local, regional, and national experts in sustainability-related industries and fields.

The first Seeds of Resilience class was held at Montgomery High School with Institute Fellow and the Sonoma County Water Agency's Senior Water Education Programs Specialist Ryan Pedrotti leading the two hour watershed seminar to 47 students. 

Students practiced and learned:

  • the definition of a watershed

  • how to read maps and measure map topography

  • how to identify and assign land-use based on watershed and map topography, features, and landmarks

  • how to identify watershed stakeholders and water use

  • water use politics and stakeholder interconnectedness/dependence

High schools participating in this program deepen their students’ understanding of key public policy issues and career opportunities while gaining a clear vision for a just and sustainable future.

We hope that you will help us bring more students the knowledge that Seeds of Resilience has to offer.